Ten Reasons People Who Can Draw are Likely to be Successful

  1. Your brain cells are active. When you draw, eighty percent of your right brain and twenty percent of your left brain are active. Drawing engages and improves your brain function.

  2. You have sharp memories. If art therapy improves memory in seventy percent of Alzheimer's patients, think of how drawing can help your younger, more plastic, brain.

  3. You observe more and concentrate better. Painting embraces all ten functions of the eyes: darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest.

  4. You can release depression through drawing. Making art has healing power.

  5. You have strong motor skills. Many artists started drawing when they were kids.

  6. You have better communication. Drawing is another way to express what you feel when words fail.

  7. You create have a connection to the Divine. Drawing is an escape from the drudgery and sameness of this fallen world.

  8. Drawing reduces stress. Sitting down with a hot cup of tea, an audio book, and a drawing is a wonderful place to be. And you can go there anytimre!

  9. You improve with practice. There is a story about a man that bemoaned his low wage and how he felt deserved more, contrasted with the other man who piacticed and improved his skills instead of wasting time complaining about his low wages.

  10. It's fun! While it is true that about eighty percent of the art you make is what you nmeed to do to get to the twenty percent you will treasure, the process is worth it and valuable.

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Connie DeMillo is an arts educator and former graphic designer. I currently teach Design Basics and Online Drawing in Plymouth, MN.

This site is about sharing knowledge I find helpful on my journey through life, trying to improve as an artist and as a human being.