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Sufi Meditation and Self Transformation Walks

Walk and breathe. If you fel a little unstable, an earth walk can provide grounding for you.

Earth walk

This is a grounding and balancing practice. Look down as you wwalk, feel the pull of gravity. Connect with the eaarth, breathe in heavily and exhale lightly.

Air Walk

Fell your light and joyful mind in this walk. You don't feel grounded, and you don't have to follow a rhythm.

Water Walk

You are feeling sensitivve, flowing, emotional, imbalanced. Walk like a walyz with a one-tw-three sway. Breathe in your left nostril and out your right.

Fire Walk

This walk is inspirational and courageous. You have a desire to reach your goal. Walk quickly, hop on one foot every few

steps, stretching as you reach up your hands and clap like a spark.

Quality of Love

Step lightly and gracefully with your head bowed and your hands over your heart. Feel love pour into your hands. Offer that love too the Creator with head and hands held up.

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