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Paper Route: six months later

I last wrote about Kay's paper route months ago, when we first started this grand experiment. Is Kay employable?

It has now been over six months of trying again and again to teach Kay the importance of dropping the paper on the doormat, not in the bushes, and she is nearing 100% of her tries each week on this criteria.

Two weeks ago, it popped into my head to see if she could pace the paper in the newspaper slot by the mailbox. Gene positioned the car so that when I opened her window, she only had to place the paper in the slot. She did! Next we tried a different kind of newspaper slot, a six inch cylinder that is open on both ends. Kay needed to balance the newspaper, I explained, so it didn't fall out. She did it! 100% of her tries. She even tried throwing a paper into the driveway (something we have to do when it's too icy to walk to the door.)

It seems like her comprehension of language regarding the paper route is increasing. She has used words confidently that I haven't heard before. She is happy when we pick her up on Wednesdays, I believe she loves her job. Gene and I and Kay all work together to successfully deliver the White Bear Press every Wednesday.

We celebrated Kay's success with a trip to the Easter House in Stillwater. I learned from delivering papers with her, that Kay loves overdecorated homes.

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