Best time to...

Get rid of a credit card: when the interest rate is 15%

Buy electric or hybrid car: when gas prices are low

Schedule a job interview: 10 am, 11 am, 3 pm

Get a new roof: spring or fall

Book a hotel room: end of quarter or end of year

Visit New York City: January

Visit Hawaii: May or October

Take an Alaskan cruise: May

Visit Virginia Beach: September

Visit Washington DC: Fall

Pick strawberries: 8–10 am

Teach a child math: 14 months

Read to a child if you want them to remember: 8 pm

Teach a child to swim: 1 year

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Connie DeMillo is an arts educator and former graphic designer. I currently teach Design Basics and Online Drawing in Plymouth, MN.

This site is about sharing knowledge I find helpful on my journey through life, trying to improve as an artist and as a human being.