How Long Do We Have?

I have been trying to be sober for years. In the last couple of months, I have had more sober days than not. Last week, I felt myself slipping back into what I call the daily slog. Half of me wants to be free, the other half is afraid to make a move. A few days ago, I was driving on the freeway, something I avoid when I can. Suddenly a black car swerved toward the driver's side of our car. I swerved out of the way. It all happened in a minute. Thinking about it, I realized we could have been killed, and how fast life can end. It made me think about what I want to accomplish in my life, sobriety, and how little time could be left.

Two nights ago, I was talking myself into having a drink, when I ran across a book called What Addicts Know, by Christopher Kennedy, and it stopped me in my tracks. It, along with the near miss car accident, propelled me to quit as of November 14, 2021. This blog chronicles the story of becoming sober and getting to know myself.

About DeMillo Design

Connie DeMillo is an arts educator and former graphic designer. I currently teach Design Basics and Online Drawing in Plymouth, MN.

This site is about sharing knowledge I find helpful on my journey through life, trying to improve as an artist and as a human being.