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Spiritually curious?

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It is natural for us to turn to spirituality in times of joy, sorrow and other intense emotions. What do you do, if, like me, Christianity just didn't work for you?

The Bahai Faith’s Main Teachings

  1. Independent investigation of reality: don’t blindly follow ancestors, find your own truth.

  2. Abandonment of all prejudice: the prophets have come together to unite people and not disperse them.

  3. The oneness of the world of humanity; we are all members of one human family.

  4. The foundation of all religions is one reality.

  5. Religion must be in accord with science and reason.

  6. Universal language.

  7. Universal education.

  8. Equality between men and women.

  9. An international tribunal: the Universal House of Justice.

  10. Universal peace.

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