Drawing Challenge 2: Sketching and Doodling

4 Prep Drawing Assignments


Use the core elements of drawing, below, for inspiration (and your imagination of course.)

If you can draw the core elements of drawing, you can draw just about anything. Get out your pencil and unlined paper, hold your pencil as shown in the previous video, and go for it. Draw one full page of doodles. Tip: get started and then set this page aside to come back to later. Have fun. Do your best to be neat, but don't worry about perfection. Sign and date your work, photograph it, and add it to your folder or sketchbook to be uploaded when you finish this challenge.


One page (or two page spread) on any topic you need to organize.

Location sketching assignment

Get out of the house and go to a cafe, mall, anywhere you can sit and sketch your surroundings. Draw your surroundings until you have something that pleases you. It might take a couple of tries. This drawing can be fast and loose, but not sloppy. Use the Urban Sketchers site as inspiration.

Doodle About a Dream You Had

Practice holding your pencil in different ways to open up a whole new level of marks you can make in your drawings. It can be a recent dream, a recurring dream, or a dream from the past. Plan your composition on scratch paper before making the final drawing. You can use any art materials you have, add color if it works, do your best to visually tell this story.

Portfolio Drawing Assignment

Fill an entire page with small sketches of objects around the house following the steps in this lesson.Sketching is a process of roughly scribbling your ideas on paper. There are four steps to sketching:

  • Loosely and lightly draw an object

  • Refine the shape

  • Keep refining

  • Define the shape

While you draw:

  • Don't be a perfectionist. Perfectionism stems from fear.

  • Focus on the overall shape instead of the details.

  • Use gentle pressure

When you have finished this challenge, post your favorite drawing on Instagram with the hashtag #demillodesigndrawingchallenge to get feedback.

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