Resources to Help You Live a Successful Life

  1. Learn all you can in school. Read something you are interested in every day.

  2. Think about what you love to do so much that time passes and you don't even notice. That's a good clue to figure out what kind of work you would enjoy.

  3. Don't waste money on an expensive college degree. Learn a skill at a community college that you can use to earn a living wage. You can always go back and get your four year degree, and maybe your employer will pay for it.

  4. Start earning money as young as possible and start saving a portion of it immediately. Set up automatic deposit for your paychecks and put at least 15% in savings. Ask about retirement plans at work, there may be free money available that no one is telling you about.

  5. Live simply. Buy a used car, Hondas and Toyotas don't require a lot of repair and hold their resale value. Assemble a capsule wardrobe of pieces you love, that all go together. Knowing what colors look good on you is a great place to start. Buy only quality items that won't end up in the landfill.

  6. Pay off credit cards every month.

  7. Eat food, not much, mostly plants. -Michael Pollan

  8. Get out and do things you enjoy so you can meet other people who share your interests.

  9. Be kind.

  10. Find a way to give back that brings you joy.

About DeMillo Design

Connie DeMillo is an arts educator and former graphic designer. I currently teach Design Basics and Online Drawing in Plymouth, MN.

This site is about sharing knowledge I find helpful on my journey through life, trying to improve as an artist and as a human being.