Composing a drawing within the edges of the page

One of the things I am working on improving is my ability to compose a drawing on a page so it fits within the boundaries and is well placed. One thing that happens again and again is I draw too big. Today's creative exercise is a drawing of a branch from our bay tree.

When we bought the tree at the St.Paul Farmer's Market several years ago, it was ten inches high. Fast forward to last summer, when it grew too tall to bring in for the winter and Gene had to trim the top. This summer we debated letting it die out in the winter as we have little light in the winter here, but at the last minute we found a place for the tree to live.

The funny thing about this drawing is my composition is decent, but instead of drawing too big, I have created a thumbnail. This creative process has many bumps in it, and I am still learning not to be disappointed when most of what I make doesn't turn out the way I wanted it to. Just have to keep going.

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