Paris on a Budget

Our trip to Paris was too short, as any trip to Paris would be. Riding the Metro is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get around Paris. The first thing we did was get an espresso, and then stopped at the fromaggerie, the charcuterie, the patisserie, and the boulangerie. It's important to have some food available in case you, like me, get hungry at four pm, just when the restaurants close until seven.

We were overwhelmed at the Louvre and ended up sitting in a room full of Delacroix paintings, taking photos and sketching. Did you know Delacroix influenced virtually every modern artist?

Dinner was a sausage and a meatball, fried together in the pan, the delicious cheese from the fromaggiere who encouraged me to keep speaking in French, a baguette, and a bottle of wine.

Day two was a trip to the Pompidou where I saw the second Yves Klein blue art of my life, a crepe with pommes and canela from a street vendor, a street concert that is the soundtrack for the movie below, and some new skinny jeans at H&M.

We went to dinner at a restaurant serving French Cuisine and ordered salade nicoise, which we promptly fell in love with and it became a motif meal throughout our trip and even now that we are home.

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