• Connie DeMillo

Easy ways to reduce your single use plastics

It's not as hard as you think to cut back on plastic consumption, and the place to start is single use plastics.

Bringing a refillable drink container with you will keep you from buying drinks in a plastic glass. And not using plastic straws. I have a lunch container in my trunk that has in it:

  • a container with a top that holds leftover food so I don't need to take a styrofoam container

  • bamboo silverware (our favorite local Mexican restaurant uses plasticware and styrofoam takeout boxes.)

  • drink cups with tops

At the grocery store:

  • Buy cans of water and soda, not plastic. Those tiny cans of Coke are just the right amount!

  • Look for a glass alternative, you can usually find it. For instance, Grey Poupon mustard comes in both glass and plastic. Choose glass.

  • Purchase meat from the butcher, where it will come wrapped in butcher paper, instead of on styrofoam wrapped in plastic.

  • Use cloth produce bags.


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