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Saturday, February 26, 2022

Face it

It's usually fear. Sometimes so embedded, learned so early there is no language. Just a black, wet, foggy mass of emotion blocking the way to clarity. How do you begin? Honor your process. You are getting somewhere, even when old emotions bubble up. Indulge yourself with immaculate self care, really give yourself love in the form of cleanliness, healthy eating, exercise, meditation, journaling, making. Let yourself have it all. Invest in your time, energy, and brain power.

The thing you need to face will emerge, if it hasn't already. Pay attention to where you feel emotion in your body. Your gut? Heart? Head? Imagine your fear is a giant wall cutting you off from fully living life. Now turn around and look at that wall without fear. Do you see the crack start to happen?

Feel it

Take your brain and step aside from your fear. Look at it from the outside. Describe what it feels like, where you feel. the pain in your body is a clue to its origin and its healing. Study the clues you are given, read, write, make. Do not ask "why" but "how." How can I understand what this fear is trying to tell me?

Heal it

Wait for your answer. Continue immaculate self care. Indulge your senses and your new found freedom. Continue turning to look at the wall of fear and watch it crumble. Give it time to heal, while enjoying every small step on your way to freedom. Examine the areas in your life where you feel constriction. What small step can you take to get yourself on the path to healing?

Inspiration by   St. Paul, MN    Contact:

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