Adobe Campus Leader

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I’ve been invited and accepted to be an Adobe Campus Leader.  It’s a one year post. I’ll have access to training, other educators from around the world, and a free one year membership to the creative cloud!


InDesign for IPad Resources

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The following links are all from Adobe’s website. Digital publishing is so new it is changing every day. I have included links to both the Single Publishing Edition and Enterprise Edition of the Digital Publishing Suite.


Terry White explains the steps in building an app:


InDesign Help:

Illustrator Resources

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Terry White’s top ten things people want to do in Illustrator.

Mordy Golding explains how to draw in Illustrator

Creative Bloq’s 100 Amazing Illustrator Tutorials

Free Illustrator [...]


Light Painting

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This phenomenal effect is done in the dark, with the camera set on F22, ISO 100, and a ten second exposure. Students hold flashlights or colored lights and wave them as they walk toward the camera.

The exposure is so long that the students are invisible in the photograph.


Need a quick way to spice up your images?

I was asked to offer some tips for jazzing up images in Photoshop, and HDR toning is a relatively easy way to do just that. It is actually meant to merge several exposures of the same image, but it has some fun presets that can make [...]


Students are always asking me how to render a sketch in Photoshop, so here you are! I’m using a former student’s character study, thanks Billy for leaving it in the classroom.

Start with a scanned drawing at a high resolution: this one is 8.5 inches by 3 inches at 00 pixels per inch. Make sure [...]


I am taking a free online Stanford class called Creativity: Music to My Ears. Here is a video that I found inspiring that I will share with my students:


Teaching the Tough Stuff

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Motivating Students with Fun Projects


I Shot the Serif

The Kerning Game

Color Theory

Poynter Interactive Color In News Design Course

Method of Action: Color

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